Pick of the Fringe Extension Week!

Dark Times at Grimesville High is a biting new dark musical comedy by LA playwright Conor Kyle. I had a blast directing its professional premiere at the 2016 Capital Fringe Festival, where it was selected to be a part of the official extension week. Mean girls, druggies, and the rest of the senior class conspire to take down Olivia Hope, the nicest person you've ever met. Convinced that she's hiding something under her chipper exterior, Peyton initiates a ruthless campaign to bring her down with drugs, sex, and bad grades. All with up beat, High School Musical-esque song and dance!

I am extremely proud of this production. The cast and I worked hard to treat the sensitive topics with honesty and care. Audiences alternately roared with laughter at the show stopping number "Just Say Yes! (To Drugs)" and checked in on some deep feelings when Brittany Martz (Peyton) delivered the soul-searing "The Best of Us." I believe that excellent theatre should make an audience feel a complete range of emotions, and that is what I strove to do with Dark Times at Grimesville High. 

Producing Organization: 2016 Capital Fringe Festival
Dates: July 5-August 8, 2016
Book, Music and Lyrics: Conor Kyle
Choreography: Ahmad Maaty
Lights: Adam Lemos
Stage Manager: Alessandro Gaiarin
Photography: Ruthie Rado Photography and Rebecca Wahls (extension photos)
Featuring Tess Higgins, Brittany Martz, Dylan Hares, Adam Lemos, Chelsea Townsend, Maggie Marie Rodgers, Katie Brunberg, Zach Wilcox, Keenan Gibson, Matt Succi, Alaina Talley, Kira Omans, and Aaron Sulkin.