Midnight Tracks is the brainchild of Zachary Wilcox, one of my co-artistic directors for Who What Where Theater Collective. The play is available to download via our mobile app and is an entirely auditory experience. Midnight Tracks tells the story of Azzi, a young woman pursuing her far-off dreams of a professional career in music, who has an unlikely encounter with a famous musician. Act I is meant to be listened to in public, following Azzi's experience, and Act II should be listened to in a private place. 

Purchasing your ticket to the play on the app allows you to download the play itself and also an album of original music from and inspired by Midnight Tracks, written by Justin Sumblin. Working on a project with such a unique timeline provided many exciting opportunities for me in casting. The cast includes NYC actor Hallie Griffin as Cordelia and LA actor Collin Riley in the featured role The Stranger and is led by DC local and Who What Where favorite Christine O. Wells as Azzi. 


Producing Organization: Who What Where Theater Collective
Dates: Released May 18, 2018
Playwright: Zachary Wilcox
Music & Lyrics: Justin Sumblin
Mobile App Developer: Dylan Hares
Audio Engineer: Kyotaro Terai
Production Photography/ Videography: Zack Gross and Zach Griffin
Behind the Scene Photography: Zachary Wilcox