Seeking Sincerity by Tristan Griffin tells dark versions of the stories of Dorothy, Alice, and Wendy (the ones you think) simultaneously. The idea of these three iconic characters inhabiting the same space without ever interacting is what drew me to this particular play, which was selected as one of eight new student works chosen to be presented as part of The Mason Players' Seventh Annual Ten Minute Play Festival. 

The bedroom that the girls exist in is a dreamspace that is intentionally generic. The main idea of the text is that nothing magic ever actually happened to them, but that they used the illusion of magic to cover up their severe childhood traumas. Thus, they are presented with echoes of their iconic selves: Dorothy has braids and red shoes, Wendy wears an adult's blue nightgown, and Alice has a streak of blonde in her hair.

Producing Organization: George Mason University's School of Theater and The Mason Players

Dates: April 26-28, 2013

Photographer: Beth Rado