Local author Carol Campbell's The Goddess Diaries is a delightful and moving trip through the cycle of womanhood. It is relatable to women of every age; as the Narrator says, "The women in these stories could be any woman. They could be your daughter, your sister, your mom." It is a joyous celebration of growing up  viewed in tandem with the mystical pagan seasons and celebrations, all tie together with the strong symbol of the wheel.

Campbell constantly interviews new women, always searching for stories to trade out in the text. Because of this, I have been fortunate enough to direct two very different productions of The Goddess Diaries.

The first was at George Mason University. This production revolved around the idea that the Narrator was the ultimate Woman and the women of the monologues were different manifestations of her. It also included a dancer, a traditional element of the Diaries. It was performed in thrust, creating a physically unique experience.

The second was for the 2014 Capital Fringe Festival. For this production, I decided to make the Narrator a character on equal footing with the other women. She invited all of her friends to come tell these stories to a live audience, creating a hyper-realism situation. It was personal in a different way, creating sisterhood amongst the characters rather than between individual performers and the audience. I also did away with the dancer and added a singer, weaving the ballad "Demeter's Daughter" throughout. The Mason production was about the individual; the Fringe production was about family.

Producing Organization: George Mason University Gender Studies Department
Dates: October 17, 2013
Lights: Catie Hubbard
Stage Manager: Emily Gruver
Photographer: Rebecca Wahls


Producing Organization: 2014 Capital Fringe Festival
Dates: July 11-27, 2014
Stage Manager: Gabby Lavoie


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