We Found the Wild Things was the first production of Who What Where Theater Collective, founded by Andrew Reid, Zachary Wilcox, and me. Performed at the intimate D.C. Arts Center, this play tells the story of seven friends over seven New Year's Eves as they fall apart and together. 

DC Metro Theater Arts comments: "Reid is interested in relationships – both between friends and with the individual — and his script, though young in places, offers a rich opportunity for this very strong and talented cast, confidently directed by Rebecca Wahls. They have an ease and camaraderie with each other that feels honest and earned." Read the full review, which posits that we're "definitely one to be on the watch for," here


Producing Organization: Who What Where Theater Collective
Dates: July 8 - 16, 2017
Playwright: Andrew Reid
Lights: Megan Gasztonyi
Sound: Katie Nguyen
Costumes: Sally Ann Horton
Scenic Design: Rebecca Wahls
Scenic Construction: Michael Galfetti and Andrew Reid
Stage Manager: Katie Nguyen
Assistant Director: Kathleen Barth
Photography: Andrew Reid