Georg Buchner's Woyzeck, the first true modern play, is a trek into the darkest recesses of a so-called madman's mind. Set in Germany in the mid-1800s, Woyzeck is the story of a man driven to utter madness because of societal pressures. 

When taking on this classic text, I asked what internal stigma Woyzeck might be facing in addition to the attacks on his knowledge from the Doctor and his manhood from the Captain. What if, if fact, Woyzeck was not a man at all - but a woman trapped in a man's body in a time when that was not unacceptable, but unimaginable. What if Andres, Woyzeck's one true friend (who interacts with only Woyzeck, ever), was in fact imaginary? The dream of a sad, lonely human who's wife would never be able to understand him and why he can not provide the affection she needs?

Producing Organization: George Mason University
Dates: November 2013
Scenic: Clayton Austin
Lights: Alec Henneberger
Projections: Mary Grant
Sound: Alec Henneberger
Stage Manager: Gabby Lavoie
Dramaturg: David Johnson
Fight Choreography: Josh McCreary
Photography: Ruthie Rado Photography